July 22nd, 2017

What is Ohio Republican Senator Robert Jones Portman to think when the grand ol’ lady of Conservatism calls his legislation mind-boggingly stupid? That being the tool of the American-Israeli Political Action Committee might not be a smart path? That accepting political contributions from some lobbyists might come with negative consequences? That the Constitution of The United States of America is actually an important document not to be played with? I vote for all of the above.

Noah Daponte-Smith, writing in BDS, Hypocrisy, and Our Barren Public Sphere for the National Review, ledes:

Sometimes in the course of our political life, someone proposes something so mind-bogglingly stupid that it’s hard to know exactly what to say about it. Senate Bill 720 is one of those things.

Regular readers of the National Review (or Conservatives in general) probably don’t recognize Daponte-Smith’s name and that’s understandable. He’s an intern. Rob Portman and his fellow sycophants can’t use that as an excuse to dismiss Daponte-Smith’s assessment, however, because his words were vetted by the editorial staff and, ultimately, Editor Rich Lowery. Daponte-Smith writes what he thinks, but Lowery decides whether or not those thoughts are read in his magazine.

Sen. Portman: withdraw your support.

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