July 5th, 2017

I continue to be troubled by the silence following the publication of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s Trump’s Red Line on 25 June.

In an interview with The Real News Hersh is very careful to not speculate or share what he thinks happen.

Midway through the interview, however, Hersh emphatically says what he does know:

Syria did not drop a Sarin bomb that morning.

If that is the case—and right now, until I hear credible evidence to the contrary, I believe Hersh based on his reputation—President Donald John Trump intentionally ordered the launching of 59 cruise missiles worth approximately $82.6 million* based on faulty intelligence he was told was unreliable. Did anyone disagree?

He would not be the first U.S. President to do so.

*Oddly, I remembered the replacement cost of a Tomahawk as $1.4 million, hence the $82.6 million figure. This morning, as I was checking, I found that recent reports are claiming the cost of each missile is $1 million, a savings of $22.6 over the initial reports. I have to say that I’m suspicious about the price shift.

Anyone know better?

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