June 13th, 2017

Headlines are tricky and single words, or even letters, can shape or destroy a message. The head on Sam Allard’s latest piece for Scene—Council Weighs in on City’s Ballsy Legal Maneuver in Q Deal: Suing Itself>—is a fine example of the former. Allard writes:

[Cleveland] city leaders (Mayor Frank Jackson, Council President Kevin Kelley, the law department, perhaps others) have worked tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of Cleveland will not have a say on… the proposed arena renovation that will commit otherwise unencumbered admissions tax revenue at the Q from 2023-2034, along with money from the county, Destination Cleveland, and the Cavs. The city referendum only concerns the city’s contribution. Taking the matter to the Supreme Court is an attempt to legally justify the circumvention efforts. It can only [emphasis in the original, JH] be explained in the context of the city’s desire to prevent a referendum.

The only option that We The People have to counter egregious legislation or political maneuvering between elections is the referendum. Take away that right and the balance is destroyed.

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