May 25th, 2017

Last evening, while searching YouTube, I came across a Stephen Colbert interview with one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey. Spacey was on The Late Show, of course, because of the much anticipated season five of House of Cards which airs Tuesday on Netflix.

What caught my attention, however, was Spacey’s discussion of his one-man-show—Darrow. I went searching for video on the show and discovered the 1991 PBS movie, Darrow. That movie would have aired at about the same time that I tossed my television out on the treelawn so I missed seeing the movie then.

Clearly Spacey shares my fascination with Clarence Darrow and I’m very glad that I came across the show because Clarence Darrow is one of my personal heroes. One of his biographies, Clarence Darrow for the Defense is on my list of Eighteen Books That Have Shaped My World. From page 171 of that book I took a Darrow quote that I strive to live by:

I can say with perfect honesty that I have never knowingly catered to anyone’s ideas, and I have expressed what was within me, regardless of consequences.

I considered The Law in 1984, but stuck with writing and journalism. Perhaps if I had found Clarence Darrow before that I might have made a different decision. (Yes, I had seen Spencer Tracy’s Oscar nominated portrayal of the attorney in Inherit The Wind, but somehow that movie didn’t grip me the way this one has.

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