May 12th, 2017

170513 sherrodsville rover pipeline video

Sherry Miller did not say that taking her land, at any price, was acceptable, but when a giant fossil fuel company—with the full support of climate-change denying Republican politicians—comes banging on your front door, there is no good choice but to believe that David could smite Goliath and win the good fight. So Miller fought for three years and lost. This story isn’t about some Indian reservation half a nation away. This is in Ohio and none of us is immune.

Marion Renault, reporting in Sherrodsville home ‘trapped’ by Rover pipeline construction for The Columbus Dispatch, writes:

As pushback to the pipeline’s construction escalated to the federal government Wednesday, Sherry Miller couldn’t escape its presence in her own backyard.

Miller has lived in her Sherrodsville home in Carroll County for 18 years. The past three have been a battle to keep the Rover Pipeline from running through her property, she said.

Since February, bulldozers and cranes operate on three sides of her property starting at 6:30 a.m. Heavy machinery roars just a few feet from the small pasture, coop and yard where Miller’s three pigs, four goats, six dogs and dozens of chickens live.

“This company has proven to everyone that they just disregard everything … and they do what they want to do,” she said.

Miller said she and her husband may move out of the dream home they spent years building.

“It feels like we’re trapped,” she said. “I try to tell myself it’ll be fine when these pipelines are done, when they’re underground and the construction crews leave.

“Then the other side of me says, ‘You’ve got to run.’”

Sherrodsville is only about 80 miles south-south-west from me here in North Royalton. I can easily imagine the city of Lorain, Ohio, landing a lucrative deal to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on Lake Erie to export the takings from Ohio around the globe. To get the fossil fuel to the port, however, would need a pipeline potentially running through my backyard.

If we allow the destruction of our lands to benefit the billionaires, then none of us will fare well.

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