April 18th, 2017

From the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus:

It’s Still On!

Tonight, Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelly, realizing he didn’t have the votes to pass the Q Deal as an “emergency ordinance,” chose to postpone the vote another week. He hopes that he can buy off one of the six council members that have, thus far, stood with us in opposition to this deal. We say enough is enough! Kevin Kelly’s backroom deals with billionaires about how to spend OUR tax dollars needs to stop. Thank you to those who have stood up for the people and against this bad deal. The training is still on for this evening at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church.

In addition, we are disgusted with some pro-deal leaders who have made threatening remarks towards some of our members. They have bullied the people for the last time! We strongly denounce their crass and vulgar actions and will only fight harder for what we know is right, as a consequence. If anyone receives threats from labor leaders, Q employees, Cleveland or county government officials regarding this issue, please let us know immediately.

Steve Holecko
CCPC Political Director

Tristan Rader
CCPC Operations Director

Yvonka Hall
CCPC Outreach Director

While the members, like myself, and leaders of the CCPC are unpaid, there are costs associated with the organization. Please consider making a donation to help keep the fight against the billionaires alive. Thanks.

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