April 2nd, 2017

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Members of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus have been talking a lot about the importance of presenting our very real and deadly serious questions to our representatives in Congress through the medium of town hall meetings. The problem is that now that they have to actually govern, Republicans are avoiding constituents at open meetings like bathroom stalls in the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport.

I’ve been watching the announcements from my congressman, Rep. Jim Renacci, but so far this year I’ve not been offered the opportunity to ask Renacci about important question like how he intends to protect his constituents like me (those who are not worth #31.62 million) who don’t rate special invitations to campaign meetings falsely touted as town-hall meetings.

Jen Hayden writes in Constituents angry after Ohio Republican raves about ‘great town hall’ he forgot to tell them about:

Another Republican held a super secret, invite-only event and tried to bill it as a “town hall” event. Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) shared a photo on his Facebook page this morning touting his “great town hall this morning with concerned citizens about the need for tax reform.”

Because unlike all the other districts in the United States, Jim Renacci’s constituents aren’t focused on the effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Or the unconstitutional Muslim travel ban. Or the dangerously unqualified Trump administration and Donald Trump’s infinite conflicts of interest and pathway to corruption. Rep. Renacci’s constituents are intensely focused on tax reform!

Topic aside, constituents angrily responded to the photo because the event was never on his calendar, did not appear open to the public and there was no notification of the event. They let him know they were NOT happy.

I called and asked about when you were having a town hall and was told none were scheduled. Christine in your office said this was NOT a town hall, but was a campaign event. When will you be having an actual town hall open to the public? The website does not list any upcoming.

Your constituents don’t care about “tax reform”, James. Why don’t you announce your meetings in advance? Why don’t you address things that really concern people?

You can hardly call it a town hall if you don’t invite the public.

Why wasn’t this open to the public? Nothing listed on your website… Remember, you do work for us: the voters!

A tipster tells us she called his office and they are now singing a different tune, telling the caller (a constituent of Rep. Renacci) that the event has a “private campaign event” for the congressman in his district. A campaign event for an election 634 days a way? A better way to get re-elected would be to hold a real town hall, the one his constituents have asked for time and time and time again and start advancing legislations and policies that will help them, not harm them.

Renacci seeks the GOP nomination to run for the office of governor of Ohio. He can’t hide like this forever.

*Ranked as the 13th wealthiest congressman in the House of Representatives.


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