March 24th, 2017

President Donald John Trump thinks he’s King Henry V, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan his Duke of Exeter and my representative in the House, Jim Renacci is relegated as that brave yeoman.

Following the president’s failure yesterday to bully and bribe enough Republicans into accepting that the steaming pile of shit gathered by Ryan, and blessed to be known for years as Trumpcare, was worth risking the ire of important constituencies like senior citizens represented by the American Association for Retire People, Ryan postponed the vote in the hopes that enough middle-of-the-night, backroom deals could gather the 216 votes needed to finally, after seven years of promises, replace Obamacare with Trumpcare. (I imagine that Ryan is at least thankful that his name will not be associated with pathetic legislation.)

Today, Ryan and Trump think they can beat 216 votes out of he Republicans in the House. We each can directly influence only one member. In my case that is Rep. Jim Renacci. If you, like me, live in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, call Renacci now at:

Washington 202.225.3876
Wadsworth office 330.334.0040
Parma office 440.882.6779

[Update @ 0629: Again, Rep. Renacci’s Washington office voicemail box is full, but I left this message at both his Wadsworth and Parma offices: Good morning, this is Jeff Hess from Ohio’s 16th Congressional District calling to ask that Rep. Renacci think first about the Ohioans living in the 16th District and vote NO on any healthcare legislation that comes to the house floor today. Thank you.]

[Update @ 0741: Since Renacci’s Washington voicemail box is still full, I took the second option and email him. Here’s what I said:

Good morning,

I tried to call the Washington office this morning (and yesterday morning, but the voicemail box was full both days.

Email is a poor second option, but I want to encourage Rep. Renacci to do the right thing for the voters in Ohio’s 16th District (and considering that he has thrown his hat in the ring for governor, all of Ohioans) and vote NO on Trumpcare today.

Thank you,

Jeff Hess]

Let Renacci know that kicking 300,000 Ohioans to the health insurance curb is not a good idea.


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