March 22nd, 2017

Here’s Moss just a week before the inauguration of President Donald John Trump:

JAKE TAPPER: Welcome back to CNN Live, tonight at George Washington University. With one week until the inauguration of Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan is our guest. I see you’ve got your Packers pin on now.

PAUL RYAN: You bet I do. I had it on the last segment, too.

TAPPER: But, I do want to turn to one serious question. Obviously, the nation is in the throes of an opioid epidemic. I want to introduce you to Craig Moss. He came from upstate New York to join us tonight. He says he’s attended more than 40 Trump rallies during the campaign. Craig?

CRAIG MOSS: Hello. I lost my son, Rob J. R. Moss, three years ago to a heroin overdose. And heroin comes into the towns and just ruins the communities and families. And my question to you, sir, is do you and the members of Congress intend to support Donald Trump’s stance on protecting our borders by supporting his recommendations so we can slow down that heroin that’s coming into this country? And secondly, are there any laws currently being put together that would provide and mandate – – and I stress mandate – – step- down procedures for folks that are being prescribed ox con tin and that type of drug?

TAPPER: By step down, just to—you mean helping wean people who are on these opioids, wean them off?

CRAIG MOSS: Exactly, yes. That’s exactly—yes, sir.

RYAN: Well, you know, unfortunately, I have heard too many stories like yours just in the last couple of years, and I’m really sorry about the loss of your son. I’m thinking of two buddies of mine in Janesville, Wisconsin, who lost their sons, just like you did. This affects everybody and it is an epidemic raging through our country. So, yes, on your border question, it’s what we were talking about before. It’s one of the reasons I said why we’re building the border wall and the fence. This is one of the reasons, because we’re getting so many drugs coming in from the southern border in particular, which is making it so much more high in supply and low in price. So, that is one of the big reasons why we need to secure our borders. So, yes, we do support our president- elect in doing that, and that’s something we’re working on right now. We just passed legislation last month on opioid reform on a whole host of issues. We just—literally, it went into law about a month ago, and it doesn’t mandate step- downs, but it pushes a lot of reforms, like you just said, which is fixing the way prescriptions are written in America; digitizing these, so that you can make sure that a person can’t go shopping around for prescriptions; and making sure that physicians who prescribe these know what they’re prescribing and to guard against the kinds of problems, because typically what happens is you get hurt, you know, you get in a car accident, you get a painkiller, and then that progressively takes you farther down the road to where you’re addicted to opioids, and then comes heroin. That is the classic progression that we’ve seen, and that is what our landmark legislation—one of the things I’m most proud of this last year, Republicans and Democrats came together, seeing that this was a raging epidemic, to pass the most sweeping legislation in this area that we’ve ever passed. And we put—then a few weeks ago, at the end of—I mean, before Christmas, I passed legislation funding it, putting a lot of money out to the states to fund this new policy. So much so that our governor in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is just now convening a special session of our state legislature to deal with all the new federal funds coming into the state to fight opioid abuse and to fight—it’s law enforcement, it’s medical professionals, and it’s counseling and it’s prevention. So, we have to have a full- front war against this opioid epidemic, and that is exactly what we passed and funded just a couple of weeks ago. So, this is happening everywhere in this country. And thank you for going around and talking about it. Thank you for making people aware.

TAPPER: God bless you, Craig. A lot of people in your shoes, and we’re really sorry. All right. A lot of emotional actions, a lot of tough stories.

RYAN: It’s a tough time in our country.

Damn! Paul Ryan is one stone-cold psychopath.


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