March 15th, 2017

So, the big environmental news out of Washington today is that President Donald John Trump wants to scrap the pro-American/pro-environment deal President Barack Hussein Obama made with the Big Three American automakers in 2009 to save tens-of-thousands of jobs in the wake of the Republican Great Recession. That deal involved, in part, the raising of vehicle emission standards in exchange for billions of tax dollars to bail out the corporations.

President Donald John Trump thinks that Americans corporate executives got a bad deal. Why, Trump’s thinking goes, should they have to give anything in exchange for our tax dollars? That’s not how government is supposed to work. Corporations should get lots and lots of free tax money to spend however they like. That’s what makes America great!

In that vein, Trump wants to reascend part of the deal—not the money part, of course not—he wants to toss out the bit that benefits We The People as opposed to Trump’s People. Writing in an email for 350.org, Jenny Marienau explains:

Today Trump dealt our families and the environment a huge blow. He just announced he’s suspending Obama’s clean car standards and is preparing to throw out decades of progress on clean air and the climate.

This will not only cost us thousands of dollars every year at the pump while lining Big Oil’s pockets, it will also endanger human health and worsen the impacts of climate change. And make it harder for us to move away from fossil fuel dependency.

Last week the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, wrongly stated that carbon dioxide doesn’t cause climate change. That kind of alternative fact is very dangerous, especially when CO2 is at it’s highest level ever and now they want to rollback protections against car emissions, our biggest source of carbon pollution.

What we’re seeing from the Trump Administration right now is an unprecedented assault on our nation’s environmental laws and regulations.

350.org is doing everything we can to resist these attacks, from online campaigns, to grassroots actions, to organizing mass mobilizations like the People’s Climate March–but we need your support to make it happen.

Can you chip in $15 to help us expand the fight?

The common-sense emission standards of the Clean Car Policy protected our health and climate from dangerous pollution, saved billions of gallons of fuel, and saved car owners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their vehicles. It was a win-win for consumers and the environment.

Trump rolling back these standards will increase pollution and negatively impact public health by increasing asthma attacks and heart attacks, but the fossil fuel industry wants us to continue to be dependent on their product. You can see who’s calling the shots here.

Our movement has done incredible things together. We’ve battled dirty energy infrastructure like the Keystone XL pipeline, divested trillions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry, and helped drive bold climate action around the world. Now we are prepared to fight for the clean air, water, and common-sense policies we know we deserve.

We have the power to take on Trump, but only if we act together. Will you help fund the fight by donating today?

With your help, we can drive protests across the country and in Washington, DC to push back on Trump’s assault on the climate. We can pull together massive opposition that will help shape public debate and pressure Congress to do the right thing. And we can go even bigger with our plans for the People’s Climate March on April 29th in Washington, DC and across the country.

We’ve taken on huge challenges together in the past, but nothing quite like this. Your support is more important now than ever before.

Let’s get to work,

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