March 11th, 2017

I wrote too late, but in the immortal words of Senator Jame Blutarsky, Nothing is over until we decide it is, so I’ll forgive the editors at The Guardian and welcome them to the resistance. The editors, in The Guardian view on Bernie Sanders: a voice worth hearing, write:

If the Democratic party is to offer hope, grit and stamina for the battle ahead with Donald Trump, it needs leadership. In his Guardian interview Bernie Sanders, the Democratic-allied senator from Vermont, makes a strong claim to provide that to a party that is in its worst state since the 1920s. The stakes could not be higher. The senator rightly calls out the US president for attempting to destroy the credibility of the American political system—using lies so that he can run it unchallenged as well as unhindered by the moral obligation to exercise power in an informed way.

So, how do The Guardian’s editors think President Donald John Trump may be thwarted?

[Mr. Sanders] is clear that the Democrats should become a bottom-up party again and reconnect liberals with the concerns of ordinary working Americans. This means the party has to consider how to prevent wages from sinking and prevent jobs from being exported. It needs to make the case to white-collar workers, who are frightened of being downsized themselves, that paying taxes to provide benefits for all is a necessary act for social stability.

It will require a political project that flattens America’s dizzying inequalities and stops the secession of the successful. Democrats should question why globalisation is producing a world economy in which an attempt by a nation to prevent the immiseration of its workers may result only in depriving them of employment. What Mr Sanders is saying is that Democrats should face the unpleasant truths about themselves, but not take those truths as the last word about America’s chances for happiness.

The Democratic party must have more agency and less spectatorship. Democrats made America more than just an economic and military giant. They showed the world their nation was also a force for good. Mr Sanders is helping us to remember that.

The election of Clintonista Tom Perez to head the Democratic National Committee was a strong move away from all of the above. Part of the resistance agenda must be the demand for Perez to step down and for the man who can lead the party in the correct direction—Deputy Chair Keith Ellison—to assume the post he ought to have been elected to in February.

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