March 2nd, 2017

Allow me to state the obvious: President Donald John Trump has a Russia problem. The not so obvious, at least to Trump and his supporters, is that the problem, like a certain third-rate burglary, will not go away. This morning we learn that another member of Trump’s team, this time the nation’s top cop, has been caught in a lie.

Sabrina Siddiqui, reporting in Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian ambassador during Trump campaign for The Guardian, writes:

Donald Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions twice spoke with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign.

The Washington Post, citing justice department officials, first reported that Sessions met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak once in September 2016, when US intelligence officials were investigating Russian interference in the presidential election, and once in the summer of that year.

It was communications with Kislyak that led to the firing of Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, in February.

A spokeswoman for Sessions confirmed that the meetings took place, but provided a statement from the attorney general saying they were not related to the election campaign.

So, the two most obvious questions have to be: precisely what were the meetings about, and will Sessions, like National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, set a new record—the president does love records—for shortest tenure as an Attorney General of the United States (currently held by President Richard Nixon’s third attorney general: Elliot Lee Richardson who served only five months?

Again, the Russia problem is not going away.


  1. ryan says:

    In a way, some of this seems like all the hypocratic nit-picking the republicans did when Clinton and Obama were President. But the democrats usually have the burden of being the better men or women.

    I generally side with Thomas Frank in his analysis of why the Democrats lose. A variety of economic problems. At worst, he accuses the democrats of abandoning the working class, or even lower middle class, for the sake of simply assimilating republican wall street values. On the other hand, the working class and lower middle class don’t really pay much attention to economics or tax policies.

    Toward the end of the recent presidential campaign it seemed like the democrats tried make themselves look tough by criticizing Russia. Russia is no worse than any of the Arab states or east Asian states affluent americans try to get richer through big contracts and outsourcing. From a tactical standpoint, they are less worse, or less of a threat.

    As it is, as a member of Congress, Sessions would have some reason to have meetings with Russian officials and diplomats. From a technical standpoint, it might be legally some form of perjury to say that he did not. This does remind me of when the Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky during some inquiry about a real estate deal that happened decades ago. I’m not sure why they were asking him about his affair during an inquiry about a real estate deal that happened years ago, but the ringleaders ended up doing more of the same. the important thing is that they were not asked about in during an inquiry about a real estate deal that happened 20 years ago.

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