February 17th, 2017

So, I listened to much of President Donald John Trump’s press conference yesterday while I was driving between students and I have never been so fearful for the future of my country as I was then and as I am now. Trump’s performance vividly recreated conversations I’ve had over the years with students whose self-esteem was so low that they resorted to grandiose posturing to mask their own feeling of inadequacy and despair. In reading this morning I cam across the reference to a tweet that suggested:

I think both houses of Congress should assemble and watch the video of this press conference w/o interruption, then talk about what to do.

That won’t happen because the vast majority of Republicans in our Congress either loudly and enthusiastically applaud President Trump’s ever utterance or they’re scared witless by the real threat of the beating they would receive from Trump loyalists.

Trump is fond of brandishing false claims about the size of his accomplishments—just as he has no compunction about against bragging about the size of his penis (remember those cute days when the nation was shocked that a candidate for President of the United States of America would take and answer a question regarding what type of underwear he wore?)—but I’ll allow him this: he is clearly the most mentally unstable person ever elevated to the Oval Office.

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