February 15th, 2017

I need to pay better attention to the other editions of my free, local, weekly newspaper The (Royalton) Post. While browsing that edition this morning, the headline—Renacci shares thoughts on ACA repeal, replacement—Community group concerned about future for those covered under ACA—caught my eye. The story appeared in the Northern Wayne edition of the paper and was written by the edition’s editor, Emily Canning-Dean. She began:

With a new year upon us, a new Congress and a new president sworn into office, healthcare has become a hot button issue among many people across the country.

Some feel the Affordable Care Act is inefficient and needs to be repealed and replaced, while others fear its repeal will mean millions will no longer have health coverage.

Members from a community group known as Indivisible District 16 met with some of District 16 Congressman Jim Renacci’s staff members Jan. 18 to discuss the Affordable Care Act. According to a press release from Indivisible District 16, the group is concerned the repeal of the Affordable Care Act will lead to nearly one million Ohioans losing their health coverage.

Clear, concise and to the point. She might, however, have served her readership (and Renacci’s constituents) better if she had provided context, and a link in the electronic version, to just what Indivisible is so that readers would understand that the local group is actually part of a national organization.

As long as Republicans in our House of Representatives understood that their many, many votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act were meaningless posturing, they were free to use the stunts to energize their base. Now that Republicans control Congress and the White House, such votes have real consequences for real Americans and real people are waking up that Republicans want to kick them off the healthcare bus.

We The People, in the form of Indivisible and other organizations, will not let that stand.


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