February 3rd, 2017

It looks as if the Plain Dealer wants to start a bandwagon effect for the re-election of sub-par mayor Frank Jackson. He’s a man who has overstayed his welcome. My opinion.

Columnist Mark Naymik in a piece today—Mayor Frank Jackson can’t be a reluctant candidate if he wants to win fourth-term—made it appear that Jackson has worked miracles with financing. Hardly.

The prominent front page Forum piece is accompanied by a 6-1/2 inch deep, page wide head shot of a serious, somber Frank Jackson.

Nice if you can get it. Jackson has been getting it from the Plain Dealer. For much too long.

Naymik labels Jackson a “reluctant” candidate. I’d say he’s a guy who likes the trapping of city hall much too much. Reluctance doesn’t suit him.

He’s no tax magician either.

Truth is he’s raised taxes with a 25 percent payroll tax, successfully backed a 15-mill school property tax increase (twice), inaugurated a tax on city garbage pickup, strongly backed a 20-year extension of the sin tax for sports billion and millionaires, colluded in the sales tax increase for the convention center/med mart & county hotel, and backs a hefty new bond borrowing for some unnecessary fix-up of the Quicken Arena, which will cost tens of millions of dollars without touching the $260-million sin tax take.

He’s a tax hawk. Is there a highly regressive tax he doesn’t like? He’s been a toady to the powerful.

To say nothing of the shabby job he’s done governing the city.

Jackson’s indifference to the costs of his closing of Superior Avenue to RTA buses shows his limited vision. He laughingly raised the threat of a terrorist attack as reason for the street closing. Not much on imagination. But it fits the corporate desires.

Naymik has the nerve to allow Jackson to smack his opponents as “politicians,” meaning self-serving unlike him. He’s above that description.

The quote by Jackson cited by Naymik: “And I will tell you that those who have declared are not (genuine and sincere), they are politicians.”

And he’s the man going for a record four-year, fourth term as mayor. What is he? Not a politician? A humble servant?
Please forgive me for being blunt.

The guy enjoys the task of being front man for the Greater Cleveland Partnership and its 80 or so top corporate leaders.

He’s more mayor of downtown than Cleveland.

This is not a man of the people even if he started that way.

Naymik sets Jackson up for shamefully sincere-sounding pronouncements that sound more like self-serving drivel.

“Asked about whether he recruited or encouraged someone to run, he became more animated and said a candidate has to earn his or her own way to the top.

“‘You do not give that to people,” he said. “You have to earn that. You have to pay your dues. Nobody gave that to me.”

Self-serving as hell, Jackson is allowed to preach:

“I didn’t groom somebody. I’m busy. I’m trying to be mayor. I’m doing my job. There are people who should be taking care of their business and doing what they do. If there was someone who I believe that could handle this in the way I think it should be handled to ensure and guarantee the future of the city and the well-being of people of the city I wouldn’t run. I don’t need the job.”

Jackson once told NPR’s Scott Simon in answer to a question about attracting new businesses, “That’s a salesman and a politician. I don’t do those kinds of things.”

Well, pardon me.

Naymik says he’ll have plenty more questions. That’s good.

Maybe he can start with who provides Mayor Jackson with their backing and THEIR MONEY DONATIONS.

That might tell you a lot more than the drivel he got from a self-serving politician.

By Roldo Bartimole…


  1. Comments on Naymik’s column are not exactly laudatory.


  2. Garry Kanter says:

    Fuck Naymik.

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