November 9th, 2007

To me there is something very sad about all this. The Plain-Dealer may have had good intentions; but it”s not enough to have good intentions. You also need good ideas, accurate perceptions, and at least some degree of online sophistication. You have to have some distance on your culture, too- as in “That separation is so well established in the newspaper world that it usually goes without saying.”

What I have not heard from anyone at the Plain Dealer is why they aren”t a little more suspicious of Congressman LaTourette”s response to the big revelation about $100. I understand that the official line from the newspaper is “we didn”t bow to pressure” and that they”re rolling their eyes in the newsroom over the online commentary that says they did, but…

The Congressman didn”t have to be outraged and demand action to correct this alleged injustice. What he could have said is “Politics-and political opinion-ain”t beanbag. People have the right to express themselves and be heard in the newspapers. I”m glad that Clevelanders like Jeff Coryell are engaged in the issues, and trying to get others to pay attention. I recognize that when people get engaged in politics they also give money to those they support. This is normal. This is democracy.” He could have said that, but he didn”t.

Instead he rejected the engrained ethics of a vigorously democratic political culture and made a fuss about a writer already publicly identified as a political opponent. Why? What does the editorial page of the Plain-Dealer have to say about that? Has it lost its voice? Jay Rosen

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