January 21st, 2017

Oliver Burkeman, writing in How to get stuff done (and maybe change the world, too) for The Guardian, suggests:

In the context of great battles over politics, or the fate of societies, this talk of inboxes and apps may seem soul-crushingly mundane. But that’s the point: however world-changing your aims, it’s only through mundane actions that you’ll ever get from knowing to doing. I recall a banner outside a Quaker meeting house in Washington DC, some time around 2004, that read, “What have you done today to remove the causes of war?” Some exemplary citizen with a marker pen had crossed out “the causes of war” and written “Bush”. Today it would be “Trump”. But the message, in all three versions, is the same: you have to find a way to actually do the thing—to build some kind of rope bridge, no matter how makeshift, across the knowing-doing gap.

If you live in Cuyahoga County, please give serious consideration to joining the Cuyaghoga Country Progressive Caucus.

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