November 8th, 2007

Sorry, Ted, but that”s utter crap, complete bull.

You say that your rules “go without saying.” Apparently so. You hired bloggers with clear opinions who are involved in their communities but then when you find that they contributed to campaigns – which in any other quarter would be considered a mark of civic participation – you accuse them of being unethical. That is grossly insulting. You are imposing YOUR standards on the perfectly normal and acceptable behavior of citizens whom you hired to be citizens. But you didn”t know what to do with it.

i found your column appalling. You can keep denying your meme about political pressure. But the bottom line here is that you revealed yourself to be utterly clueless about blogging and citizenship, You didn”t try to listen or learn. You imposed your worldview on them.

You embarrass me. Jeff Jarvis

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