November 28th, 2016

Back on 5 November I created a Google Alert to follow daily news on the Dakota Access Pipeline. I haven’t received an alert since Wednesday, 23 November. What with all the holiday activities, I looked away until this morning. Boy, was that a mistake.

A lot has happened since last Wednesday, not the least is that the number of protesters has now moved into five digits. Listening to my local NPR station yesterday I heard a reporter say that more than 10,000 people are now gathered at Standing Rock. That is more than the combined forces at The Battle of Greasy Grass (we white folk say Little Big Horn) and while in the past I have suggested that Standing Rock could become this century’s Wounded Knee, I’m now thinking that Tienanmen Square might be the better comparison. Yes, both ended in the brutal suppression, beating and murder of innocents, but I have hopes for a happier outcome with the whole world watching and the government unable, or at least unwilling, to enforce a news blackout in our nation’s heartland.

My question, though, is whether or not Google is intentionally blocking Google Alerts from gathering and disseminating news about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests? I’ve been able to update the news the old fashion way by using a search engine other than Google, but something stinks here. Is this shadowbanning?


  1. mary jo says:

    I don’t understand why the powers that be have been so aggressive with the DAPL protesters and passive with the Bundys. Is it because the Bundys were so heavily armed?

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