November 3rd, 2016

If you have not yet voted, please consider the message below from Revolt/Citizens Against Plutocracy/

If, like me, you’ve already voted, then please consider passing the message along to those who have not.

Fellow revolutionary,

Because only about 15 percent of the Bernie/Jill or bust pledge-takers opened the last blast, I’m trying one more time to ask for everyone’s help with the revolution this election cycle. Compared to offline campaigning, this will be over in a snap. First, if you plan on:

  • Voting for Hillary Clinton, unsubscribe from our newsletter. This movement was never Bernie or bluff;
  • Voting for Gov. Johnson, unsubscribe from our newsletter. We are not deregulating, TPP reactionaries;
  • Voting for Trump, unsubscribe below. We do not support fascism or fascists; or
  • Writing in Bernie Sanders, please consider.
  • Revolt Against Plutocracy started the write-in movement last year after doing no research first. After many problems with that idea were brought to our attention by year’s end, we added “or vote Green Party” to the pledge in January. Since the DNC, we have discouraged write-in voting because:

  • 1) OpDeny 270 will not work. OpDeny270, the latest version of the write-in strategy, will not elect Senator Sanders to the White House,
  • 2) OpDeny 270 will compete with the Green Party for votes when progressives need to be cooperating and helping build a revolutionary party and
  • 3) OpDeny270 a mere protest vote when we need a revolution. It is misguided, and Sanders was asked directly: he doesn’t want you to write in his name except in VT and not really even there.
  • If I thought for a second the next House or Representatives would elect a revolutionary, democratic socialist, I’d join the effort; but the establishment R’s and D’s will collaborate to make sure that won’t happen. Only 63 or so supporters of Bernie are running for Congress including 3 write-in candidates. Bernie said “not me, us.” Not Sanders; he’s not running for President. His campaign is closed down, and his FEC account will remain open so long as he has campaign expenses to settle. Candidate PAC accounts often remain available for years after the initial use. It’s existence means nothing. #FoolsErrand

    If you forwarded the last email I sent to everyone you know, thank you. Mission accomplished; we’ll know the results next Tuesday. If you did not open and forward that last message, please prepare lists of email addresses, everyone you know. Why? Laura Olin explained a lot of Bernie Sanders’ amazing campaign success among young people was through email. “No one talks about email. It’s not a sexy tool,” she said, “but it works.” We had mixed success using it during the primaries to help Sanders. A lot of busters in Wisconsin worked to help Sanders come from behind there.

    I suggest creating three lists for future online organizing: local, state-wide and national. Don’t forget list-servs. Saturday or Sunday at the latest, I will send you another message. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions in the first paragraph. If you have your lists ready to go, that will take you a minute or so. I save my lists of addresses in the bodies of email drafts, but you can use any storage that works for you.

    If you’re nervous this might elect Trump, so what? [Emphasis mine, JH] Hillary Clinton’s plan for a no-fly zone over Syria is far more dangerous than anything Trump has proposed because it would lead to war with Russia according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not Trump, not Putin. Wikileaks informs us the campaign has framed her “opposition” to the TPP in a way she can ultimately implement it. I stand by what I said in Philly: Hillary is more dangerous than Trump, and we need to block him too.

    To stop Trump, the next Senate needs Dr. Flowers (G) in MD and Democrats in the U.S. Senate everywhere else. A Blue/Green Senate is how we stop Trump’s domestic agenda. It’s how we can “or bust” (vote Green for President) responsibly.

    Want to vote a Green Party Senate candidate anyway? Please use your judgement. Check the polling first and see if that vote will help elect the Republican for U.S. Senate in your state. If not, vote Green. If maybe, think strategically about the need to gridlock Trump’s agenda and Court nominees. That’s my plan here in NY.

    This isn’t over till it’s over, so ready, send, revolution. If you have not yet prepared your list of email addresses, do so this week and forward the next message you receive from me. Let’s shock the world. If you do not get that next message (to forward) for some reason, reply to this message Sunday after noon and ask for it.

    In solidarity,

    Victor Tiffany
    Co-founder, Revolt Against Plutocracy

    So, there’s the plan. Let me know what you decide in the comments.

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