October 3rd, 2016

I’ve offered this suggestion before and I’ll continue to make the offer. We need to take two immediate steps to purge the barrel of all the bad apples.

First, no police involved shooting should be handled by internal affairs or a local district attorney with a pet grand jury. Only an independent prosecutor should be allowed to investigate and, if found appropriate, prosecute those involved. So far this year, The Guardian’s The Counted project has listed the names of 814 people killed by police in our nation.

Second, every county ought to have a police review board with the power to fire police chiefs. The panel should consist of elected volunteers representing the diverse communities in the county. I would recommend no more than five members on such a board. The board must have subpoena power to compel testimony at open meetings. The board must not be allowed to meet in private in any sense. The volunteers would be elected annually and serve for no more than two years.

These two suggestions are not the solution, but they’re one hell of a good beginning.

Finally, while he is speaking about business, Tom Peters offers this bit of advice to anyone dealing with a loss or absence of respect.

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