September 25th, 2016

Note, in the group above, the number of people standing but not placing their hand over their heart and the number of people who do place their hand over their heart but do not remove their caps, and then there are the people standing but not paying attention to the song.

A little more than a month ago, Colin Kaepernick remained seated during the singing of our national anthem as a protest against continuing murder by police of African Americans in the United States. The protest continues to spread beyond professional football and now people in the stands are joining in.

From The Associated Press in College players join in raising fists for anthem as Kaepernick’s protest speads we learn:

Football players for Michigan and Michigan State along with a group of students at North Carolina raised their fists during the national anthem Saturday.

The gestures at the games come following a week punctuated by riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the killing of an unarmed black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Three Michigan State players—Delton Williams, Kenney Lyke and Gabe Sherrod—held their right fists in the air while standing on the sideline before the No8 Spartans hosted No11 Wisconsin.

“Whether somebody salutes, puts the hand over their heart or does something else, everybody has a choice to make,” Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio added after the Spartans’ 30-6 loss. “Our young people are in college, and I can promise you one thing, that when the flag is presented in some respect, I guess it becomes much more important now. It’s not just, oh by the way, we’ll just stand for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.

Coach Dantonio is right. We daily must decide if we are to be an upstander or a bystander.

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