September 21st, 2016

No words. Sorry. I simply have no words.

Thankfully, David Sims, writing in Seth Meyers Proves He’s the Anti-Fallon for The Atlantic, does:

When Jimmy Fallon talked to Donald Trump on The Tonight Show last week, he ruffled the presidential candidate’s hair. Seth Meyers, the host of Fallon’s former show Late Night, had a slightly different message for the Republican presidential candidate last night. “Obama was born in the United States, period?” he asked mockingly, repeating Trump’s recent specious assertion that he was no longer a believer in the “birther” movement. “Fuck you, exclamation point!”

Tragically, the only fuck you likely to bring about change, is coming from the Republican Party’s Right- and Center-wings.

The best way to send a message? vote for Jill Stein in November.

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