September 21st, 2016

I wrote earlier that party platforms are not worth the paper they’re written on and once again Hillary Clinton demonstrates that you can’t trust her any further than you can toss a wonk.

Karl Mathiesen, writing in Hillary Clinton ‘dropped climate change from speeches after Bernie Sanders endorsement’ for The Guardian, tells us:

Hillary Clinton has dropped the words “climate change” from most of her public addresses since winning the endorsement of her party rival Bernie Sanders, according to Climate Home analysis.

While the presidential candidate talks regularly about her plan for the US to become a “clean energy superpower”, in recent months she has rarely made reference to the planetary crisis that necessitates it.

On Monday, when she launched her pitch to millennials online, she could find no room for an issue that will affect that voting cohort more than any other.

The rhetorical shift undermines hopes that climate change might emerge as a key campaign issue in 2016. Boosted by the disparity between Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump, a self-professed non-believer in climate change.

Indeed, the signs were there. During the last six months of Clinton’s primary campaign against Sanders, the transcript log of her speeches shows she was talking about climate change at one out of every two speeches she gave.

But since Sanders endorsed Clinton on July 12, the full focus of the Clinton campaign has swung to Trump. In 38 speeches since that date, Clinton mentioned climate change specifically eight times. Just once every five public addresses.

For Hillary Clinton, promises aren’t promises unless a sizable check is involved.

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