August 18th, 2016

I’m sure that there are ignorant people who think that if all the ice disappears from the Antarctic that we will enjoy lots and lots of new land to build condos on. What Peter Wadhams, The former director of the Scott Polar Research Institute and professor of ocean physics at Cambridge Peter Wadhams, wants those people to understand is that the ice cap on our planet’s 7th continent is trapping vast quantities of methane, the green house gas that is between 28 and 37 times the Global Warming Potential of carbon dioxide. Melt the ice, release the gas and we stomp on the Global Warming/Climate Change accelerator.

John Vidal, reporting in Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral for The Guardian writes:

The warming now being widely experienced worldwide is concentrated in the polar regions and Wadhams says we will shortly have ice-free Arctic Septembers, expanding to four or five months with no ice at all. The inevitable result, [Wadhams] predicts, will be the release of huge plumes of the powerful greenhouse gas methane, accelerating warming even further.

He and other polar experts have moved from being field researchers to being climate change pioneers in the vanguard of the most rapid and drastic change that has taken place on the planet in many thousands of years. This is not just an interesting change happening in a remote part of the world, he says, but a catastrophe for mankind.

All so that Exxon executives can buy more toys.

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