August 5th, 2016

Tom Dart, reporting in ‘The only other option’: Bernie Sanders backers turn to Green party’s Jill Stein for The Guardian writes:

[T]hen [Bernie Sanders] lost the Democratic presidential primary to Hillary Clinton, and backed her for the White House last month at the national convention. That was where [Vanessa] Tijerina and Sanders diverged.

“A lot of us waited with bated breath, wondering: what’s he going to do?” she said. “Because depending on what he did, that’s where the movement was either going to go or not go. He decided to stay there, and the movement can’t stay there. It cannot stay in a centrist environment. The movement is antagonising that environment so we can’t stay there.”

Tijerina and others were calling for a new phase of a Sanders-style political revolution on Thursday, as the Green party kicked off its presidential nominating convention in the improbable location of Houston, Texas—Big Oil’s back yard.

“To me the Green party was the only other option,” Tijerina said in a conference room at the University of Houston. “There’s just no way that anything centre or right of centre was going to get America where it needed to be.”

I think that Gary Johnson, who is ahead of Stein in the polls, is a threat, but I’m hoping that a combination of awareness of his positions on fracking and global warming/climate change along with enough stoners forgetting when election day is, might turn those numbers around.

What is clear to me is that there is a ground swell of opposition to government as usual and we do not yet know where the high water mark will be.

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