June 30th, 2016

Want proof positive that you’re addicted to Magic I? Take the Ansari test.

Cal Newport, writing in Aziz Ansari Ignores His Email tags this bit of wisdom from Aziz:

Like, here’s a test, OK. Take, like, your nightly or morning browse of the Internet, right? Your Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Twitter, whatever. OK if someone every morning was like, I’m gonna print this and give you a bound copy of all this stuff you read so you don’t have to use the Internet. You can just get a bound copy of it. Would you read that book? No! You’d be like, this book sucks.

A long time ago, when there was an entity known as CompuServe News, I actually did this exercise every morning before heading into the office. Ansari is absolutely correct.

Yea verily, that book doth suck.

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