February 22nd, 2017

In the past I’ve asked if the DAPL protest could become this century’s Wounded Knee. I’m now thinking that Tienanmen Square might be the better comparison.

Ohio and Cuyahoga County Actions: Join the Ohio Pipeline Task Force.

[Update @ 0600 on 22 February: Hey, we won the west, right?—Interior Department Produced Memo On Dakota Access Pipeline That Trump Doesn’t Want Public To Read.]

[Update @ 0555 on 21 February: Will the end be peaceful or Tienanmen Square?—As Construction Near Standing Rock Restarts, Pipeline Fights Flare Across the U.S..]

[Update @ 0548 on 20 February: Oh shit! That didn’t take long. In North Dakota, profit and graft trump the U.S. Constitution—North Dakota Senators Approve Bills Targeting DAPL Protests.] —More…

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End Our Racism Xenophobia… Stop Global Warming… Free Raif Badawi…

There are a number of stories and themes that I come back to again and again. My friend Eric Vessels once wrote that I do a consistently good job of following up, and Scene Magazine said that my daily posts remind the public of Cleveland controversies long after the local media gets bored and moves on.

So, that is what I’m attempting to do here with three stories: our ongoing conversation on Racism Xenophobia in America, the vital need to slam the brakes on Global Warming/Climate Change and the struggle to free Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.

While this post is stuck to the top of my blog as a constant reminder to my readers and myself, new stories on many other topics do appear below.

Enjoy. Think, Discuss, Act…

wayback-machine-smallOne Year Ago* at Have Coffee Will WriteFive Years Ago at Have Coffee Will WriteTen Years Ago at Have Coffee Will Write… *As I post these reminders of the past year at Have Coffee Will Write, I want us all to be reminded of the presidential race and presidency that we might have had if Bernie had not been shut out by the DNC.


  1. mary jo says:

    Thanks for the Op270 video. Ohio is the same as California; a write in vote for Bernie will not be counted. Having learned this I am voting Jill Stein.

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