June 18th, 2014


Today’s headlines include:

Local News

Sweatin’ it out
Ahoy! 2 boats down
Teen who turned in his drugs goes to jail
Homecoming time

Top Headlines Poll: How much do you worry about a tornado hitting the area?

(For comparison’s sake, I’ve added a link to the The Anchor News to these posts.)

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6 Responses to “NOT THE MARIETTA TIMES…”

  1. Fred O'Neill says:

    Good morning Jeff – The last time an actual tornado hit Marietta, Ohio was June 25, 1902. Interestingly enough, it totally destroyed the Thomas Cisler and Sons Brick Yard that was located exactly where the Frontier Shopping Center McDonald’s is where we had breakfast the other day … In June 1998 and a couple of years ago, Marietta was hit by a “derecho”, a fast, bow-shaped, wind-storm. Both did quite a bit of damage but were technically NOT tornadoes … Hidden Marietta has a good picture of what the brick-yard looked like around 1900 …

    • Jeff Hess says:


      My brother, who is street foremen for the city, made me a present of several bricks market “Cisler, Marietta, Ohio” last Christmas.

      I am fond of telling people that one of the good features of Ohio is that generally speaking, we don’t experience the kinds of extreme weather–tornadoes, floods, fires, hurricanes, mudslides, blizzards, &c.–that are much more common in other parts of the country.

      Back in 1995 I witnessed what was described as a horizontal tornado (it may have been similar to what struck Marietta) here in Cleveland. We were without power for nearly two weeks.


      p.s. and speaking of bricks, my brother also presented my grandfather (1897-1974), father (1929- ) and myself (1955- ) with bricks on the veteran’s walk next to the armory commemorating our service in world war one, korea and vietnam-gulf war part one, the hostage crisis.

  2. Fred O'Neill says:

    A fellow named Mike has a nice site called Flickr that has several pictures of the 1902 tornado damage

  3. Ex of devola says:

    Good afternoon Jeff and Fred. Your comments on weather remind of the intensity of the storms that seems to concentrate in the MOV in the summer. I missed the derecho, flew out right before it happened, but remember another summer storm . This was probably 2003 , it came up out of no where , all the sudden there was horizontal rain and heavy wind gusts. The things started flying across the road. It was like the movie Tornado that had come out a few years before. I half expected a cow to come across in front of the car .
    Back to yesterday ,two stories caught my eye. The policeman who in trouble here and also being investigated but the Athens police for socking an acquaintance of his wife in the jaw. The man called the police to report getting docked in the jaw, by the policeman , made a report with his police dept, and then said rescinded the charge. I found that be very strange. But then again since the Athens law enforcement is being investigated also. Back in the day if my domestic violence volunteer days, if a battered person called police and reported a violent act on he or she by a spouse, boyfriend , or girlfriend then decided , well maybe I’ll change my mind. The police still attempted to investigate the incident, because whether the victim got cold feet or not , a crime still had occurred. It does seem to happen quite often in this area too, a 911 call is placed, the police investigate , then say the charge is unfounded. ( marietta sheriffs website) even though there is evidence to the contrary.i know in big cities there is always a crime happening and some are reported then never given attention by the police because of a shortage of officers. However marietta is a small town, and I don’t understand why more is not done . What else is there going on? I know there are your meth labs, drugs, and pedophiles, but can’t they take domestic violence a little more seriously.
    I am also amazed that there was never any follow up on the Marietta college firings I did see a mention of how college freshman have dwindled down and now there are much less of that demographic. If MC s budget is so dependent on 10 freshman not showing up to pay their $ 44,000 in tuition,then someone there needs to figure out a different way of funding their budget. I guess the president figured no one would miss a large amount of faculty being fired.
    I doubt the papers ever address the city Journal hack job on Marietta also no one except a London tabloid could report on cross burning, gun toting Karl’s people in a state park, or how the Veritas school gets an entire( formerly public school) building for free. This might mean someone would have to investigate by asking hard questions. No one wants to do that, it might mean they were incompetent.
    On a personal note Jeff, I am pretty sure I grew up knowing both your uncles. I liked the one a lot better than the other. The one on death row always scared the crap outta me. I think it’s always amazing when people from the same family can turn out I such different ways. You all have a good day too.

  4. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning EOD,

    Wow! Marietta is a small town. For the record, the relationships among my two uncles and myself do not involve blood but are by marriage only.

    Another family member commented to me several years go that the family had thought that the younger brother of the uncle now in prison would be the troubling sibling. This just shows how wrong we can be when we judge.

    When I drove by Marietta college this past weekend I noted all the new construction. I have to wonder how much of budge goes to smoke and mirrors and not, strictly speaking, education.

    I thought the laws on domestic violence were changed awhile back so that the crime was against the state and not the individual, making it so the victim could not decline to press charges once the police arrived.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


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