June 17th, 2014


Today’s headlines include:

Local News

Flea market
Las Trancas gets $365,000 bill
Police officer’s file lists past domestic issues
2 added to WSCC board
100 years of Goodwill

Top Headlines Poll: Would a tuition guarantee convince you to attend college?

(For comparison’s sake, I’ve added a link to the The Anchor News to these posts.)

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6 Responses to “NOT THE MARIETTA TIMES…”

  1. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning all,

    Would locking in a set price for four-years of college be better? If I have to borrow more than $31,000 to finish a four-year college degree, what difference does it make if the price stays steady or goes up 3 percent per year?

    The factors driving college tuition increases are multitudinous, and no one change will fix the problem, but I think the best place to begin is to somehow encourage students to do what I did: find ways to not borrow money (for me the solution was 11-years in the military) but for others the way to graduate debt free might involve part-time work/part-time school or other models.

    College ought not to be a way to hide from adulthood for another four years after high school. High school graduation is called commencement for a reason.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


    • Fred O'Neill says:

      Good evening Jeff – The “Las Trancas” story is interesting. We had dinner there on Mothers’ Day and it was less than satisfactory. The food wasn’t that good and the service was really slow. After we got the check, my daughter who is nursing her baby asked for a cup of water to go, and the waiter said that it was “against policy”. Now, I get the picture! It seems that such silliness is the least of their problems. $365,000. is a LOT of back-wages! It is odd that we even went there (not my idea) because the “Tampico” Mexican restaurant downtown has always been one of our favorite places to eat. The latter has been in business in Marietta for close to 15 years, follows all the rules (even some unfair ones that were imposed when they first opened), has great service, and serves excellent cusine. However, “Las Trancas” is located in the Lafayette Shopping Center and gets business from shoppers and movie theater patrons – but not for much longer I suspect … On the accused-cop story – Dr. Simpkins, my old anthropology professor at Marshall U. had many theories, one of which was that if one checked back to see what some police personnel were doing back in high-school, one might find that many – although certainly not all – of them had been the class bullies. Simpkins felt that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that, as local law-enforcement acquires more power and more high-tech equipment, the more likely they were to assume that they were “above-the-law” and abuse it. You may have noticed the rash of stories lately about local cops going “rogue” in one way or another. This seems to confirm the Professor’s theory! What is ironic here is that Officer Chapman (a resident of Coolville) is being investigated by Athens County authorities, who have themselves been investigated on corruption charges in recent months – talk about “foxes guarding hen-houses” and “physicians” needing to “heal themselves” … I note that Caspiansyn and Murphy77 still have unexpired phone apps that allow them to comment on stories while others can’t – however, I mostly agree with them on this story … Still no follow- ups from ANY local media on the following: 1) the April Klan rally in Mountwood Park, 2) who instigated the “City Journal” hatchet-job on Marietta , 3) the toxic leak from the fracking site upriver in Morgan County 4) how the “Veritas” David Barton-curricula private school acquired the old Fairview Elementary School on Harmar Hill with “no exchange of money” … Inquiring minds need to know … I hate mysteries with no solutions!

      • Jeff Hess says:

        Good morning Fred,

        Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, certainly agrees with you and Dr. Simpkins.

        In his book (as an aside, I am impressed that the book–heavily banned for sex and violence when it was written–is now taught in enough high schools to warrant a Spark Notes edition) Alex, the 15-year-old protagonist, has three partners in crime: Dim, Pete and Georgie (and a teenage gang nemesis, Billyboy). Dim and Billyboy grow up to be particularly nasty police officers.

        I do remember when I read the book (I bought a copy in high school before Stanley Kubrick’s–x-rated in Marietta at the drive-in on Route 7 between Marietta and Belpre–movie was released) I had a hard time with Burgess’ vocabulary and often had to refer to the book’s glossary. I passed the book along to my dad with the warning that he would have to probably do the same. When he finished the book he told me that he didn’t need the glossary because he recognized that Burgess had Anglicized Russian words (my dad took Russian at Marietta College) for his purpose.

        I agree with you on Tampico. I hated Mexican food for years–something to do with bad Spanish Club banquets at Warren High School I suspect–but learned to love the cuisine when I lived in Southern California. I’ve eaten at Tampico many times and have always enjoyed the experience. As a rule, I avoid all the establishments along the Pike east of Wayne, finding the whole area too plastic and brummagem.

        Do all you can to make today a better day,


        p.s. i have two uncles who served in law enforcement–among their employers was the washington county sherriff’s department. one uncle is happily retired and living with my aunt in newark, ohio; the other is sitting on death row in arkansas for a double homicide. a 50 percent success rate isn’t too good.

        • Fred O'Neill says:

          Good morning Jeff – For a few years after I first saw “Clockwork Orange”, I had trouble watching “Singing in the Rain”. Fortunately, Kelly finally won out over Kubrick! … What about “Applebees”? I got a really burnt steak there once …

          • Jeff Hess says:


            As a matter of principle I do my best to spend most of my dollars as locally as I can since that means keeping about 30 percent more of my dollar in the community where I shop. (Our trip to McDonald’s was a very rare event for me.)


  2. Fred O'Neill says:

    While I prefer to spend locally (i.e. Tampico, Skyline Cafe, and Barking Dog Book Store), I don’t have a big problem with spending some $$$ in the franchise places, because they provide jobs for many in the community. Granted, these are often low-wage or even part-time jobs, but those workers spend what they get and, in-the-long-run, keep our fragile economy afloat … Some (but certainly not all) home-based businesses in Marietta hire only a few (mostly in-family) employees, stash their profits in private out-of-town banks, and spend their money on shopping trips to Parkersburg, Columbus, Pittsburg, or NYC … Some of the most greedy and self-absorbed small business folks are the heart (sic) of the local tea-party …

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