June 15th, 2014

[This morning’s edition is posted from the lobby of the Lafayette Hotel.]

What’s going on here

Today’s headlines include:

Since the Marietta Times does not publish a Sunday edition, what was your favorite story this week? What story did the Marietta Times not report or under-report this week?

(For comparison’s sake, I’ve added a link to the The Anchor News to these posts.)



  1. Fred O'Neill says:

    Celebrating Father’s Day with the children, including breakfast at Bob Evans. My daughter Deirdre (an OCSEA staffer in Columbus) attended the Democrat Dinner Friday night and, afterwards, she got Bill Clinton to autograph a picture of Deirdre and I taken in front of the White House when we attended the Clinton Inaugural, January 20, 1993 … It reads “To Fred, thanks for being there ~ Bill Clinton” I shook hands with Bill in Erie, PA in 1992, Chillicothe, OH. in 1996, and at Marietta College in 2008, but this is a way cool Dad’s Day present!

  2. Fred O'Neill says:

    You may or may not have read my LTE in the Sunday Parkersburg News-Sentinel, but it should be mentioned that, while they left my reference to the Klan rally in April (I used it to debunk a false claim from last week’s writer, Mark Hartshorn, that “gun-owner rights are being infringed”) they cut out the part in my letter that said “While local media chose to not cover the event, it was reported in (of all places) The London ‘Daily Mail’.” Perhaps the principal reason why our local media does what it does is that they simply don’t like anything that makes them look bad. This applies to both papers as well as WTAP Tv …

    • Jeff Hess says:


      Thanks for having breakfast on Saturday. I seldom get a chance to actually meet my readers.

      I made a point of buying the paper this morning so that I could check for your letter to the editor.

      Please send me a copy of the letter. I would love to post the full text here and highlight the bits the Parkersburg News and Sentinel chose to cut.

      The picture sounds awesome.


      • Fred O'Neill says:

        Good morning Jeff – I sent a copy of my June 15 LTE in The News-Sentinel … I just remembered that this was not my first encounter with Mr. Hartshorne. Back in 2012, he wrote a LTE to THe Times saying that “the only reason Obama was elected was because he’s black”. My response to that “Race issues revealed in past letter” appeared in the March 24, 2012 edition … Also, I might have aroused the ire of the good folks at The News-Sentinel about the same time when this article called “The Betrayal” came out in The Retriever, Dog, and Wildlife Blog (which came as a surprise to me as well since I don’t own a dog or hunt) …

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