May 10th, 2014

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WTAP newsperson Ashley Strum’s It’s so crazy, delivered with a straight face, should go viral on You Tube, or at least be immortalized in a GIF.

So, under the Marietta Times headline: Two Arrested Over Drugs, Exorcism, we read:

Two Belpre men are accused of repeatedly drugging a relative and performing a so-called exorcism on her, as well as animal cruelty.

Forget for a moment the problem of how did they perform animal cruelty on the relative, the use of the modifier so-called for exorcism implies that there is some ritual more legitimate than that chosen by Bobby and Tommy that isn’t a so-called exorcism.

Whatever craziness these two wastes of human genome might have concocted, their actions are no more crazy than anyone believing that they can exorcise non-existent demons (and by that I do not mean that the person targeted by the barbaric practice was not possessed by a demon, but rather that demons, along with the tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, do not exist) is willfully ignorant and a danger to society. Full stop.

Any exorcism, performed by any individual, sanctioned by their personal delusional organization or not, is barbarism fostered by superstition and ignorance.

(I wonder if ending this particular bit of stupid appears on Pope Francis’s to-do list?

10 Responses to “A SO-CALLED EXORCISM…?”

  1. Ex of devola says:

    Good afternoon Jeff, I read that story and still can’t believe it, and of course, there is more I’d like to know. For the brother who watched and took video of all this ? I men great good evidence but better still get the woman and the child out of there asap.Who can live in a place with starving dogs and rednecks who think people are possessed by demons? Could it be this because the Tress brothers are this crazy, stupid or high on drugs? No one i know with brain cells has decides to perform an exorcism. I know there is something in the water there, but there is just too much MOV crazy behavior that cannot totally be attributed to the c8 contamination. I also think these nutcases will be let out on bail, as no one seems to actually be held in jail anymore, even the ones who need to be there.

    • Jeff Hess says:


      As a writer of fiction, this story reminds me of a reoccurring topic among my writer friends: as hard as we try, we can’t make up shit that tops what we read in the newspapers.

      I have a friend of mine who worked for Cuyahoga County in Child Services, at one point he got so depressed over the horrible cases he was dealing with on a daily basis that he decided he had to get out of the city. He moved his family to rural Iowa where he took up the same job he had up here. He was back in Ohio in less than year.

      The horror stories he shared with me, violent abuse, torture, deprivations far beyond anything he had faced in Cleveland, gave him nightmares for years afterward.

      Stories like that of Ariel Castro here in Cleveland get the headlines and shock the nation, but I guarantee that far worse goes on in our rural counties every day and we never hear about them because when you live at the back of 120 acres, no one can hear you scream.


  2. Ex of devola says:

    I used to read an awful story ( and there were many of them in marietta times ) and I used to think how could this happen? Was no one aware of this , or if they were , would they just turn away, and say well that’s not my business. It is never ceased to amaze me, that there was always a commenter who would post it was the police dept fault or it was the parents fault the ex girlfriend’s fault , never was it the person who was arrested fault? It could be the weirdest thing you ever read in your life and still the not quite sane ,accused ,arrested criminal would get defenders . It was too weird. I realize many social service department have had their budgets cut . I know times are hard but there seem to be so any people like these two or worse like Ariel Castro and they float by under radar and get caught only by accident . That is scary.

    • Jeff Hess says:


      That’s true. You’re absolutely right.

      How many times do we need to hear: he was such a quiet neighbor?

      I think that we all have lives filled with stress, from many directions, that we come to a point where we just want to pull the covers over our heads and pretend the monsters can’t hurt us if they can’t see us.

      Sadly, that has never worked.


  3. Fred O'Neill says:

    Too bad that Jay is no longer doing “The Tonight Show”. This is the kind of crap he loved to make jokes about (does anyone remember when he said – after a bank-robber here called authorities to see if they were looking for him – that Marietta, Ohio was the best place to go to find stupid criminals?)… Hey, folks, I didn’t know that “exorcism” is illegal! … The usual method used around these parts to get “demons” (i.e. evidences of rational behavior like watching Rachel Maddow instead of Bill O’Reilly) out of people is to either burn a cross on their lawn or ship their kids off to some “F.F.A” (“Future Fundamentalists of America”) academy …

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good morning Fred,

      I haven’t owned a TV since 1992 and was never much of a late-night viewed when I did, so I never heard the Leno reference to Marietta.

      I just tried to do a search for the original mention and can’t find a link. What was Leno’s comment directed toward?

      As for the brothers Trezza, Google is still not returning any mention outside of the local media.



  4. Fred O'Neill says:

    Morning Jeff – It was back in the 1990s. A number of unsolved murders in Marietta made national headlines, and Leno made a reference to Marietta as “a good place to go to kill someone without getting caught.” The bank-robbery occurred later (after 2001 I think) and Jay included it in his weekly “stupid-criminals” monologue … The robber stuck-up the Peoples Bank drive-through on Front Street and fled back to his car. It later turned out that he was from Maryland or someplace to the east, and that’s where he called from to find out if a report had been put out on him. Check with NBC. I’m sure it’s around somewhere!

  5. Fred O'Neill says:

    Jeff – You DON’T own a tV??? How can you live without “The Voice”? … Last week I participated in a Nielsen Survey of my Tv watching (hey, they paid me $5. to participate) and I sent them a record of my limited last week’s viewing (I was busy on a project, and watched some cartoons with the grand-kids, but that was at their house) … a few movies on TCM, PBS, “Cosmos”, Bill Moyers, C-Span coverage of the W.H. Correspondents’ Dinner, nightly local news, The Ed Show, CBS nightly news, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and the finale of the History Channel series “The Vikings” (which goes on hiatus until next season so I will miss my weekly dose of historical bloodletting) … That’s all folks!

  6. Fred O'Neill says:

    “So-called”? It depends. Did they use the “Malleus Maleficarum” (“Der Hexenhammer” or “Hammer of the Witches”) the 1486 treatise on exorcism and witchcraft, attributed to James Sprenger, but actually written by the German Catholic clergyman Henrich Kramer? This notorious book resulted in the deaths of tens-of-thousands of innocent women and gypsies at the end of the Middle Ages, but (like the recent resurgence in the popularity of slavery) ho knows what evangelical nut-job crowd will want to revive next? Wikipedia says that “The main purpose of the Malleus was to systematically refute arguments claiming witchcraft does not exist, to discredit those who expressed skepticism about its reality, to claim that those who practiced witchcraft were more often women than men, and to educate magistrates on the procedures that could find them out and convict them.” … Better watch out! The Witch-finders are keeping track of the heretics as well as the witches! The case actually reminds on of what happens to women on a regular basis in certain African nations, the Middle East, and even primitive parts of Europe like Romania and Sicily … Jeff, you’re not going to believe what spam-word I had to use to post this!

    • Fred O'Neill says:

      Sprenger and Kramer must have been the O’Reilly and Hannity of their day!

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