January 2nd, 2014

One reader of my hometown newspaper is upset:

I have been disturbed for many months now on Pope Francis interview and his opinion on “gay” priests, in the ministry to the public. How could a man who claims to be a man of God say “who am I to judge”? How can this man who is the leader of the Catholic Church that has over two billion followers say that he is not to judge men in the pulpit? Men who are supposed to have taken a vow of celibacy, be the leaders of congregations, teaching the Bible, that strictly says that a man who lie with another man as he would a woman is an abomination (Old Testament Leviticus 18:22) and should be put to death, (Leviticus 20:13.) The New Testament, Romans chapter 1:18 speaks of the wickedness, non-believe and ungodliness of man. There lust have turned man to man and woman to woman, and, “verse 26-28,” what happens to people for their ungodly living.

Is this what Pope Francis wants for the Catholic people? To be turned away from God?

Just because he is for the common man and kisses babies, touch and bless the injured and disabled, does not travel in an armored car and washes the feet of the inmates in a prison and only lives in a two room apartment, does that give him the right to miss lead the catholic people? Saying that “who am I to judge” The Bible says we are to love one another as God loves us. We are to obey His word, all of His word not just what we want. The Bible is God’s word. The Pope is to teach God’s word. He is to teach the Truth. By letting gay priest preach in the pulpit Pope Francis is directly responsible for being a false teacher. As for gay marriage if it is an abomination to have a homosexual relationship then there surly can’t be any marriages. As to priest that want to be priest but wish to marry let them for “It is better to marry than to burn” (I Corinthians 7:9.) Is Pope Francis truly what is best for the catholic people, the Catholic Church? If he can be so wrong on this major issue how can anyone trust him on other issues? He said that the church focuses too much on homosexuality, I remind everyone you cannot pick and choose what you believe in the Bible it is all or nothing.

Joan Barton
Coal Run

What’s a Catholic to do when God’s infallible representative dismisses their personal bigotry?


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