December 31st, 2013

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.Robert Hanlon, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I’ve often thought that those who claim that politicians are idiots or too stupid to breed make a grave error by allowing the individuals or groups in question to escape charges of malice or flat-out evil, (presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and the Republican Party in general being prime examples).

That President Barack Hussein Obama is seldom marked as stupid by his detractors is instructive in this case.

3 Responses to “HANLON’S RAZOR…”

  1. mary jo says:

    Would Hess’s Razor be: when assessing a politican never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice?

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Hmm, how about: stupid people do not get elected to political office, never mistake sociopathy for lack of intelligence.

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