December 6th, 2013

Imagine you’re sitting down to write a letter full of forgiveness and compassion. While you’re writing that letter, you’re healing yourself. Even if the other person hasn’t yet read your letter, the world around you begins to heal. You can practice Right Speech when you send an email, and it can relieve the suffering inside you and the suffering in the other person right away. Why wait? We can always practice Right Speech to heal ourselves, to reconcile with ourselves and with the world.

Right speech is speech that expresses nondiscrimination, forgiveness, understanding, support and love. We know that when we’re able to say or write something like that, we feel wonderful. It’s so liberating and healing; it brings relief. Right Speech brings well-being. Anything that we say that contains discrimination, hate and the desire to punish will make us suffer and will make others suffer. p. 84

From Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society by Thich Nhat Hanh


Found in my electronic chapbook.

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