August 20th, 2013

Paul Craig Roberts writes:

The improprieties of Nixon and Clinton were minor, indeed of little consequence, when compared to the crimes of George W. Bush and Obama, their vice presidents, and the bulk of their presidential appointees. Yet, impeachment is “off the table,” as Nancy Pelosi infamously declared. [Roberts is, of course, disingenuous here by suggesting that Pelosi’s comment is in reference to President Obama when, in fact, in 2006 when she, as Speaker of the House, had standing to make such a statement, was referring to President George Walker Bush. JH] Why do Californian voters send a person to Congress who refuses to protect them from an unaccountable executive branch? Who does Nancy Pelosi serve? Certainly not the people of California. Most certainly not the US Constitution. Pelosi is in total violation of her oath of office. Will Californians re-elect her yet again? Little wonder America is failing.

The question demanding to be asked is: What is the purpose of the domestic surveillance of all Americans? This is surveillance out of all proportion to the alleged terrorist threat. The US Constitution is being ignored and domestic law violated. Why? Does the US government have an undeclared agenda for which the “terrorist threat” is a cover?

What is this agenda? Whose agenda is more important than the US Constitution and the accountability of government to law? No citizen is secure unless government is accountable to the Constitution and to law. It is an absurd idea that any American is more threatened by terrorism than by unaccountable government that can execute them, torture them, and throw them in prison for life without due process or any accountability whatsoever. Under Bush/Obama, the US has returned to the unaccountable power of caesars, czars, and autocrats.

My dad sent me Roberts’ essay. Roberts gets points for including President George Walker Bush in his accusations and has, I think, a case and I would not object to impeachment proceedings. The actions of President Barack Hussein Obama are more heinous than those of either presidents Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. He loses points for the bit of trickery involving, as I note above, the Pelosi quote. On balance, I think this is the right road to go down.

First, however, I would demand that Congress get its own house in order by immediately repealing the Patriot Act and all associated legislation, putting a strangle hold on the National Security Administration and dissolving the Orwellian-named Department of Homeland Security.

Then, having proven that it truly has the interests of the people of the United States at heart and is not, as was the case of Clinton, solely interested in attacking a president not of its own party, the House of Representatives should proceed with impeachment hearings.

The majority in the house, and particularly its leadership, must take steps to restore credibility to its institution before subjecting the nation to another politically motivated circus.

*The Bush-Obama Security Scheme…

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