July 5th, 2013

From a foreign media source:

Protests took place across the US on Thursday to demonstrate opposition to sweeping National Security Agency surveillance programs.

The events were organised by a newly hatched organisation called Restore the Fourth, named after the constitutionally guaranteed protection against illegal search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment. Rallies and marches took place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, Washington DC and dozens of other US cities.

Ryan Brown, a regional leader for the San Francisco Bay protests who has been co-ordinating with national organisers, said his participation in Restore the Fourth stemmed from concern over excessive governmental power implied by the spying programs. “I see it as ethically disgusting that the government has both the opportunity and the ability … to collect the data on us individually, without a given reason other than quote-unquote ‘protecting our freedoms’,” he said.

Restore the Fourth describes itself as a “grassroots, non-partisan, non-violent movement”, according to its website. Its central demands are to ask Congress to enact reform of the Patriot Act, which has been used as legal justification for the surveillance programs, to call for the formation of a special committee to investigate the extent of the spying programs, and to hold public officials accountable if they are found to be responsible for unconstitutional surveillance efforts.

So, I just now did a check on Duck Duck Go for “Restore The Fourth.” I found lots and lots of Internet hits, but only one major news outlet: The Guardian.

Just shoot me now.

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