December 12th, 2012

Glenn Greenwald writes:

All of that is standard, principle-free partisan jockeying. It goes without saying that if this were Condoleezza rather than Susan Rice, the two sides would have exactly opposite positions on whether these inaccurate statements should be held against her. None of that is worth examining.

But what is remarkable is how so many Democrats are devoting so much energy to defending a possible Susan Rice nomination as Secretary of State without even pretending to care about her record and her beliefs. It’s not even part of the discussion. And now that some writers have begun examining that record, it’s not hard to see the reason for this omission.

One Response to “SO, YOU SUPPORT SUSAN RICE…?”

  1. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning all,

    In an update, Greenwald points to a piece by Benjamin Friedman at the Cato Institute. I, and Greenwald see his lede as the crucual point, but the whole piece is well worth your time to read.

    Do all you can to make today (by reading what Friedman has to say) a good day,


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