December 9th, 2012

When asked how I managed to shed 80 pounds in nine months my first response is always: I stop eating junk food.

Watching Emily Bazelon’s presentation on girls with Autism lead me to this quote from Clifford Nass:

Our research shows a link between face-to-face contact and good relationships because that’s the best way to learn to read other people’s emotions. It’s how kids learn empathy, and they have to practice. So it’s like the in-person socializing is the healthy food, and Facebook is the empty calories. It’s like junk food, [emphasis mine, JH] and the more of it kids have, the less time they may have for the healthy stuff.

My problem with Facebook and Twitter is doing to my brain what Burger King and McDonald’s did to my body.

I (we really) have to Put down the Facebook.

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