November 7th, 2012

Roldo Bartimole writes:

One of the most despicable ad campaigns is being waged here by Walmart.

You’ve seen the full-page ads in the Plain Dealer. One ran this week.

Walmart lists a number of grocery items selected by Walmart. It is a full-page ad, hard to miss. The list gives prices on one side of the full-page ad at Walmart. On the other side of the page are the same items listed at Giant Eagle.

Of course, the Walmart list, in larger print by the way, totals less cost than Giant Eagle’s items. By $25.03 on a $181.14 total bill. The ad says, “Same items, 12 percent less!”

Of course, the items are chosen by Walmart. They don’t say anything about specials at either store.

But what it does say to me is that here is a blatant attempt to put someone out of business.

Walmart has started a war with Giant Eagle. Apparently, it sees Giant Eagle as a first easy target. It’s only a start after all.

What grocer will be next? Heinen’s? A local chain. The real target maybe.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

This is really the rush to the bottom style business. It’s destined and designed to damage business in the east side suburbs.

What I’d like to see is when the Walmart opens – having destructively destroyed open land on Warrensville Road – are a thousand vehicles roaming the lot, packing its parking lot and making the experience of shopping there worse than hell.

Walmart so richly deserves constructive anarchy.

It is a diseased company with diseased policies. Its disease is inflicted on people all over the world. It’s called Profit Above All. To hell the cost. To hell the people.

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