November 4th, 2012

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  1. Cavana Faithwalker says:

    This is an all too common scenario. The first thing I would point out there is no strong male figure in his life and no strong female figure and a single parent household.

    Mom is an enabler and in denial. I must admit I’ve never seen a mom this totally removed though I have seen many young black males in this predicament. In fact I think most kids like this suffer from this kind of parenting.

    I would guess mom has no moral compass whatsoever except that don’t do anything illegal and is part of the materialist universe.

    I would say also this paradigm is regardless of socioeconomic background. Lower socioeconomic groups go to prison for theft, violent crimes, drugs, etc and upper socioeconomic groups go to jail if they are caught for white collar crimes like embezzlement, ponzie schemes and the like. Needless to say the less resource one has to stay out of jail the more likely one is to go to jail.

    I already don’t like whatever show this is from because to me it’s just taking advantage of the public and maybe this family because it is through uncommon resources that this guy will be saved. Not many people will be saved this way.

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good morning Cav,

      Thank you for the insights.

      I’m wrestling with this on two levels: first, I don’t know who Perry is and what his bona fides are; and second, I distrust this kind of reality show where real human issues are reduced to entertainment.

      Every year I work with young black men in multiple suburban school systems who are at risk and it troubles me that I’m too often unable to make a real difference in their lives because my experience is not theirs in many meaningful ways.

      I tried mentoring in the past, and I continue to do the work I do in part because of these concerns, but I confess to a sense of bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon in all of this. I want to help but feel inadequate.

      Do all you can to make today a good day,


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