October 29th, 2012

Tim Russo writes:

I used to get mocked by my friends for having any faith at all in the American electorate. Most of my political colleagues over my 24 year history in Ohio and international politics think the American voter, and particularly the independent undecided American voter, is just a total moron. I’d always argue that point.

Now, though, I’ve begun to agree with The Moron Theory of Politics. Can Hurricane Sandy change that?

How desperately some people are willing to be sold down the river, after bending over for a hot poker shoved up the ass, precisely what Mitt Romney did to them in that first debate. They really enjoy being taken for fools, seem to relish falling prey to this latest, most skilled purveyor of snake oil to the suckers born every minute who populate conservatism these days, shivering orgasmically as they lap it up. Just as long as they get to beat the black guy; is that grotesque truth really in question anymore?

Never thought American voters were this ignorant. I’ve long predicted an Obama landslide in a week. Now, I don’t know anymore. I didn’t think the president did all that bad in the first debate, and frankly was shocked at the precipitous movement in the polls toward Romney after such a transparently charlatan performance. The landslide was there for Obama’s taking, and he didn’t take it, that’s true. Missed opportunity, for sure. I think a landslide is still there, and incredibly, it may be Hurricane Sandy that does it.

No one has uttered a word about climate change this presidential year, and now here it is, impossible to ignore, right where all the media who’ve ignored it, happen to live. A hurricane, in LATE October, hundreds of miles out to sea in the Atlantic, has been battering CLEVELAND 500 miles away for TWO DAYS NOW. The week before an election.

One candidate thinks the problem creating this hurricane exists, wants to tackle it, and believes the federal government has a role to play in helping its victims. Another one doesn’t, full stop. Which one are you going to vote for? Still not convinced? How about a few days of biblical flooding to convince you?

OH WAIT – Maybe Romney will do a 180 ON THAT TOO. Over the past month, I’ve felt that this must be what it feels like to live in your crazy uncles’ Fox News world. Just like Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real. Mitt Romney is a loathesome human being, the guy who on sight you despised growing up, born on third base thinking he hit a triple, cutting off a gay kid’s hair, sticking a dog on the roof of a car for a 12 hour drive, now proposig precisely the policies that got us into this mess, determined to make sure your daughters never have access to an abortion no matter who rapes them, turning Medicare into a coupon, and oh, yeah, he exactly epitomizes WITH SURGICAL PRECISION the maggots who drove this economy into the toilet, hiding his money offshore, believing Christ is coming back to Missouri FROM THE PLANET KOLOB, while believing you are a mooch on the system from which he suckles like a parasite.

But right now, in this coma we are apparently zombie walking through, Mitt Romney is, ridiculously, an acceptable candidiate for President of the United States. It’s insulting to anyone with a brain. I guess that’s the problem.

Yeah, I might be wrong about my landslide prediction. At least it’s because I thought Ohio voters were smarter than this. Maybe Hurricane Sandy can wake them up.

After all, it’s big and loud.

Elect Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala

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