October 19th, 2012

Roldo Bartimole writes:

Debbie Webb posted a comment on REALNEO telling of the troubles she had in helping someone get health care. It was a comment on something I wrote about the death of Citizen Activist Ed Hauser. She wrote:

I originally wrote this moments ago as a comment to Roldo’s post on the tragic death of Ed Hauser, who died way too young, and because he lacked the health insurance that would have bought him visits with a doctor, medications, procedures, and ultimately, saved his life.

After I posted the comment, I realized that I was very tired from the struggle today to achieve the magical appointment with the business people at our county hospital, and more than that, angry.

I am angry because I expect that the poorest people, who are often the sickest, to be treated with respect. That respect includes figuring out a way to help them get what they need to live, yes, live. I am disgusted that a triaging system in not in place in a county hospital, so that medical need is given the same weight as the monetary needs.

And here is the item I wrote about Ed, which bears repeating in light of the Presidential campaign and Romney’s casual statement that anyone can get the care needed at the emergency room. Sometimes it’s too late.

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