October 10th, 2012

I recently committed to vote for President Obama and Ohio Democrats? Really Alexis?

What? Are you psychic?

Well, since I told you last week that I’m casting my vote (my ballot arrived this morning) for Dr. Jill Stein, don’t quit your day job.

Hi Jeffrey —

You recently committed to vote for President Obama and Ohio Democrats by requesting a vote-by-mail ballot — you rock.

According to the county board of elections, you should have received your ballot in the mail by now. Did you get it?

If you haven’t yet received your ballot, let me know and I’ll help you track down your ballot with the county board of elections.

Every vote cast early for President Obama and other Democrats brings us closer to victory on November 6th, so we want to make sure your voice is heard on Election Night.

If you have received your ballot, and you haven’t filled it out yet, here are your next steps:

1. Follow the instructions carefully and fill out the ballot completely — make sure to leave the stub on your ballot attached, and don’t forget to sign your name on the designated line on the identification envelope.

2. Drop your ballot in the mail the day after you receive it — don’t wait. Your vote-by-mail ballot must be postmarked no later than November 5th or it must be delivered in person to the board of elections no later than 7:30 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted. And check postage to make sure your ballot makes it to its destination! You may need three or more stamps.

3. After you mail in your ballot, tell your friends and family members how easy it was to vote early for President Obama and Ohio Democrats — and tell them to vote early, too. The deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot is noon on November 3rd.

Let me know if you have any questions or call our voter hotline at 855-VOTE-199.

Thank you so much,


Alexis Hayman
Field Organizer
Organizing for America – Ohio

Elect Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala


  1. Adam Harvey says:

    I received another identical email today, from a dude though.

  2. Dear Mr. Hess,

    I am sorry you received an automated email from my address that was unwelcome. We at the campaign are only trying to ensure that our supporters and voters clearly understand the process of voting by mail. Voting by mail is becoming a very popular option with voters from all viewpoints. While some people may be used to the multiple steps involved, others still have questions.

    Obviously, the directions apply to all voters and not just those supporting the president. The wording at the top which indicated that we believed you to be an Obama supporter was automated. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

    Have a great day and thank you for being a person who votes.

    Alexis Hayman

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good morning Alexis,

      First, thank you for your kind and very human response.

      Yes, I do understand that your previous emails were form communication. My own response was shaped by that even after Adam put a human face on the emails.

      I chose to respond as I did because I was an Obama voter in 2008 and following his election I had high hopes that most of the abuses of the Bush administration would be reversed. That didn’t happen.

      Instead, those abuses were compounded, and that is why in 2012, I can’t cast my vote for a president who doesn’t represent my core values of social justice and basic human and civil rights.

      The pretention I referenced in the form letter sent over your name is a large part of why I’m voting for Jill Stein. I don’t do so with any real hope that she’ll be elected (in fact I fully expect Willard Mitt Romney to go down in flames this coming election day) but because more than 30 years have passed since I voted for a presidential candidate from the Democratic party that I truly believed in and that makes me sad.

      Our country went down the wrong road after 11 September 2001. Al Gore might have been different, we’ll never know. I do know that President Barack Hussein Obama was elected, in part, to take a different road and he chose not to do so.

      Our nation and the world have been diminished by that choice. My voting for Jill Stein is my small effort to encourage President Obama to honor the promise of his first election.

      Do all you can to make today a good day,


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