August 8th, 2012

Today is a particularly bad (good?) day for me, Twitter and Facebook because my very limited list of friends have linked to/featured the following stories that are just interesting enough to suck me down the rabbit hole.

Here’s the list:

Boy Scout Moms for Equality 1024-1039 (This will show up later todaty in an omnibus post.)

Tom’s Kitchen: Raw Kale Salad, With Hat Tips to Brooklyn and Caesar 1039-1047

This gets made this weekend. I love anchovies (so much so that I have a container of the olive oil from my cans of anchovies that I keep in my refrigerator) so I’ll use a whole can, not just 2, 3 or 4 fillets. I don’t own a mortar and pestle, but this recipe may finally give me the impetuous to buy a set.

Massachusetts Councils: Reject the Boy Scouts of America’s anti-gay policy 1048-1053 (This will show up later todaty in an omnibus post.)

How Do You Find Creative Identity? An Essay by James Navé 1053-1118

They never worried about playing the songs perfectly. They didn’t think about going pro, nor did they play for money. “Creative Block” was not a term you’d find in their vocabulary. They played music. They did it all the time. They were musicians.

Regardless of the creative form you work in, like the musicians, when you show up and do the work (play if you will) your creative identity will find you more than you will find it.

His imagery very much reminds me of this.

(Navé’s poetry is pretty awesome too:

I dropped my moleskin reporter’s
notebook into the sink. Soaked
pages became beds of blue flowers.
Who needs a story when you have
ginger tea and woodpeckers?

Spielberg Leaves Boy Scout Board 1118-1129

Spielberg, who was once a Boy Scout, said he would return on one condition: “Once scouting opens its doors to all who desire the same experience that so fully enriched me as a young person, I will be happy to reconsider a role on the advisory board.”

Interview With the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Candidate for Organizer in Chief1129-1143

[Our campaign] is about bringing the fight that’s going on at the grassroots level, for our homes, for jobs, for affordable healthcare, to have tuitions that a student can afford. These fights are actively going on in our communities, but they are not currently represented in electoral politics. They are not on the horizon of two major parties, they are busy talking about Mitt Romney’s tax forms or latest gaffes, anything but the real problems that Americans are struggling with and how we are going to fix them. Bringing the grassroots struggle into electoral politics and challenging the hijack of our electoral system and Wall Street gives me the liberty to talk about what we need and how we are going to fix these things.

Point after point, as I read this, makes me want to do a fist pump and shout, “Fuck Yeah!” but the final question and answer ought nail the message:

YK: As we get closer and closer to the election, the pressure for progressives to vote for Obama is going to increase. What would you like to say to potential voters?

JS: It’s really important to see where this politics of fear has gotten us. George Bush bailed out Wall Street, Barack Obama bailed our Wall Street. That didn’t get better. George Bush deported a lot of immigrants, Obama deported a whole lot more immigrants. Because we were quiet our civil liberties have been trashed even more. It’s really important to say that under the democrats the ship won’t go down quite as fast, but a sinking ship is still a sinking ship. Your objective is not to get onto another ship which is going down a little bit less quickly, this doesn’t get us out of there alive. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are offering strategies for the crisis we are in, none of them have an exit strategy and yet Democrats are asking us won’t we please use our votes as weapons against ourselves? Our successes historically have always come from a social movement on the ground. It’s time to stand with the politics of courage, not fear, and take our political life back from our political abusers.

Breaking for lunch at 1143; back from lunch (chopped salad made from ingredients from my Geauga Family Farms weekly allotment dressed with an olive oil and fresh lemon juice dressing) at 1247. Facebook and Twitter checked and shut back down.

Boy Scouts’ Dangerous Message to Young Americans: Gay Kids Don’t Measure Up 1247-1252 (This will show up later todaty in an omnibus post.)

Mustafa’s Space Drive: An Egyptian Student’s Quantum Physics Invention 1252-1258

I can’t begin to evaluate Mustafas work, but I’ve passed the story along to Mano Singham, a real theoretical physicist, and asked him for an evaluation.

I’ll keep you posted. And, as promised:

Hi Jeff,

There is not enough information in the article to really tell but the idea of using the vacuum energy as a form of propulsion seems highly dubious and, at least on the surface, would seem to violate the second law of thermodynamics.

The solar sail example and the Pioneer deflections mentioned in the article have little to do with what is being suggested here except that they are very small effects. But they do not violate any laws and are quite straightforward.



Ah, those pesky Laws of Thermodyamics

Mosques, Temples, and Theaters: We Need to Change the Script 1258-1342

A group of Sikhs shot by a white man? A white supremacist. A group of (mostly) white Americans shot by a white man in the Midwest? In a theater? A loner. In a high school by two white boys/men? Troubled loners. By a man of East Asian origin on a college campus? A deranged loner. An Army base shot up by a Palestinian-American (US Army psychiatrist)? A terrorist (by definition deranged and ideologically zealous). A black man is repeatedly run over by two white boys in a truck? So strange; racism is gone. We have a black president. A black boy gets shot by a white man? Random and probably deserved. Black men on death row for crimes they didn’t commit? Justice prevails. So say the governors who allow them to be executed, and so follow our media.

These scripts are pulled out so neatly, one marvels at the level of organization that allow them to be read out so easily. And yet, like most scripts, they are edited to provide a clear, easy-to-follow narrative that appeals to the audience’s most intimately held beliefs. Those beliefs are drawn out, and impressed again to memorize what our irrational sides fear…

In large part, the shooters and arsonists who are behind many, if not most of these events in America, are white men. [Not mentioned by Falguni A. Sheth in his piece, but including our own Scott A. Smith.]

Clearly the FBI, along with all other law enforcement agencies, needs to immediately implement a Stop-And-Frisk policy for all short-haired white males between the ages of 18 and 40 for the sake of public saftey.

The Rhetoric of Singleness… 1342-1354/1542-1554

The contemporary individual is not lonely, just single—but this is not culturally recognized.

[1354: I’ve been up and working since 0300, time for a nap, back in 90 minutes or so… Back at 1542 after a nap, shower and afternoon mediation.]

and therefore: not much. this article was essentially a waste of time. I’m hoping the next one, suggested by Adam, is better.

…and (curse you Adam Harvey) How to be alone 1554-1606

Nope. Nothing happening there either (I evenread through the first page of comments). I’m voting for how you feel about being alone is a genetic brain chemistry issue. I like being alone, in most cases I prefer being alone. And when I don’t want to be alone, the last place I want to be alone is anywhere there are more than 10 people that I’m interacting with. (I hate sporting events where I’m a spectator, large family gatherings, conferences, &c.)

Returned Eagles 1606-1620

What may be the most official document recording those of us who have returned our Eagle awards now lists 175 brothers.

And those are just the tabs I opened and didn’t read immediately.

So, here’s my brief experiment for the morning: just how much time will I need to invest to satisfactorily read these 11 12 links?

I’ll report back later this morning afternoon.

Logged out of Facebook at 0948; logged out of Twitter at 0949; closed my email reader at 0952; began reading my morning dozen at 1024 and finished at 1620.

So, how do you deal with your Facebook and Twitter problem?

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