July 28th, 2012

One of the we must vote for President Barack Hussein Obama or face ruin memes revolves around how electing President George W. Bush resulted in two wars and the deaths of thousands of American military personnel and tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians who would be alive today if Al Gore had become president.

Jeffrey Goldberg makes the case, in a good way, that President Obama is more likely to be the president who will go where President Bush did not: Iran.

Glenn Greenwald agrees:

Obama will be freer to attack Iran than Romney would be because Democrats, progressives, and the “international community” (that’s neocon for: Europeans) passively accept or even cheer for violence, aggression and executive power abuses when ordered by a sophisticated, urbane, Constitutional Law Professor with Good Progressivism in his heart, and only cause a messy ruckus when done by an icky, religious, overtly nationalistic Republican.

To see how true that is, just compare the years-long screeching over President Bush’s mere eavesdropping and detentions without any judicial review or transparency — he’s assaulting the Constitution and Our Values! – compared with the reaction to Obama’s more extremist assassinations without any judicial review or transparency. Or consider how a high-level aide to John Ashcroft marveled with envy over Obama’s ability to prosecute whistleblowers with such abandon, noting to The New York Times that the Ashcroft DOJ was deterred by the prospect of a political storm that Obama simply does not face: ”We,” lamented the Ashcroft aide, “would have gotten hammered for it.”

I can just hear the drum beats: but President Obama supports gay rights and is pro-choice!

Personally, I don’t trust either man to keep us out of another adventurist war.

That’s why I’ll be casting my vote for a woman in November.

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