July 19th, 2012

In a perfect example of the wackiness of blogging, Mano Singham, a theoretical physicists, writer, educator and all-around thoughtful kind of guy added a post to his blog yesterday about Breyer’s changing the formula on its ice cream and downsizing the half-gallon container by 25 percent and the commentators have piled on with 31 comments.

Now I don’t know if that is a record, but I’ve been reading Mano for several years and I don’t remember any of his deep and thoughtful posts racking up that many comments in such a short time.

You just never know what will set readers off.

2 Responses to “31 COMMENTS AND COUNTING…?!?!”

  1. Adam Harvey says:

    My guess is that people feel more confident commenting on mundane things, because it’s a fairly level playing field. Everyone has to go to the grocery, everyone’s felt stealth inflation. Not everyone has fleshed out opinions on atheism or string theory.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning Adam,

    That’s true, you’re absolutely right.

    I find that, however, very sad. Commenting on something said by an intellect such as Mano’s can be daunting and, too often only the ignorant trolls chime in.

    Not to suggest that my intellect ever approaches Mano’s, but I have sometimes wondered if my I suffer from a bit of the same challenge. (The “Dark Tower” post is a perfect example of the mundane kind of post you mention.)

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


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