May 20th, 2012

I am deeply troubled by the continued expansion of presidential powers because I cannot know who the next person will be who will sit int he oval office and wield those powers. I am further troubled by reports such as this discussion between Terry Gross and Jeremy Scahill, the national security correspondent for The Nation.

Scahill began reporting on the Middle East for The Nation in 2003. During the Bush the Younger years he wrote most famously about Blackwater (first changed to Xe Services and now re-branded again as Academi — what the feck is that supposed to mean) in 2005. He has continued his reporting to the present and this past week he sat down with Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air, to discuss what the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama is doing in our name in Yemen.

For those who believe that President Obama, on balance, has brought change, real change that affects everyone in our nation and makes us a better place, I encourage you to wisely invest 47 minutes in listening to the whole interview.

In my life I have cast presidential votes for three men that won their elections: President Jimmy Carter, 1976, President Bill Clinton, 1992 and President Barack Hussein Obama, 2008. That year I said that unless Barack Obama proved to be other than just another lame Democratic Party excuse for a national leader whose only legitimate positive attribute was that he wouldn’t be as bad as the Republican candidate, that I would be done with the Democratic Party forever.

For years I have resisted the characterization of the Democratic Party as the central wing of the Republican Party. No more.

Sadly, the party, and President Obama, have lost me. For good. I’m done.

I’m finally revolted enough.

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