February 26th, 2007

I’m more than 27 months into this whole blog thing and clocking along at nearly 1,300 unique visitors per day. I’ve never really thought about what I was doing other than to stay true to what I think of as my charter: to treat my blog as if it were dinner conversation with a few close friends. So I don’t know about this whole brand thing, but it’s interesting.

Via Life Hack: Ten Paths To Good Blog Branding:

1. Be Consistent. [The] Number one way to damage your brand is through inconsistency. Your brand is how people think about you, your product or your company. Through your words and behaviors you make a kind of promise.

2. Think Long-Term. Short term thinking is the next biggest brand gremlin. You have to think long-term with branding. Putting short-term financial gain above long term value.

3. Focus. You have to focus to create a crystal clear brand. Lack of focus sends mixed signals. This is extremely common in blogging.

4. Work. Weak input is rewarded with weak results. Lack of ongoing, energetic, effort will hinder your brands spread, visibility and rewards. Launching a blog is tough, keeping it going is even harder.

5. Keep Going. When you achieve a modicum of success it is even more important to determine what your brand is about and focus on those things that made you successful in the first place.

6. Prioritize. Small niggly glitches can add up to a big headache. Do not let your brand corrode through not enough atentioNn two deetaill. [sic]

7. Have Content. Although only number 7 this one really gets to me. Many blogs are all brand and nothing to back them up. Famous for being famous.

8. Be Original. Following the herd is so easy. Many bloggers are tempted to cover a story because they feel like it is expected of them.

9. Do As You Say. Behavior that doesn”t match your words destroys trust.

10. Be Nice. Your brand lives in the brains of your readers, customers and prospects. It”s not all about you. If you make it all about you they will find a replacement that is all about them. Answer “What”s In It For Me”. It”s that simple.

What do you think?


  1. What a load of BS.

    ; )

    What do I know about blogging anyway?

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom George,

    Rules are the death of anything worth doing.



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