February 8th, 2011

MYANMAR/BURMA — If you live in Myanmar it is highly unlikely, even if you live in an urban area where Internet access is nominally available, that you are aware of events in Cairo. Observers are drawing too many comparisons between realities in both countries and the State Peace and Development Council (aka Myanmar’s military dictators) do not want their subjects to get the wrong ideas.

From Mizzima:

News relating to the people’s uprising in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak has been heavily censored in Burma’s state-run and private media.

While stories about the mass demonstrations have dominated coverage in the international media for 14 days, the Burmese government’s censorship department under the Ministry of Information has severely restricted what Burmese citizens can read or see.

“Photos about the news are not allowed’, said the editor of a private journal in Rangoon. “But, we can publish a little news with tight restrictions. We are not allowed to use phrases such as “trying to overthrow the dictatorship”. We cannot report about the riots. But, we can report about the discussion between Mubarak and the opposition. And the news about the uprising, we are not allowed to display it on the covers’.

Another editor told Mizzima, ‘We were not allowed to call it a mass political movement’.

The state-run media in Burma have not used any stories about the daily demonstrations in Egypt.

If the generals don’t report it, it didn’t happen.

Do what you can to make this a good morning, Myanmar.

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